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Pigeon Pictures

check out my website
I have a CD with a lot of pigeon pictures. Pigeons breeds from all over the world. Many rare breeds that you have never seen before. I have more than 36,000 pictures in that CD. The number of the pictures changes everyday, it gets bigger and bigger. 2897 pictures of lofts (INDIVIDUALS + Kit Boxes) (they don't tell u how to make the loft, but they do show picture of the inside of the loft and outsite). 1603 pictures without the name of the breed because they r from foreign countries. And the rest of the pictures have the name of the breed. I have 324 short pigeon videos in the CD (the longest video is 8 minutes). The pictures are in color. U will find tons of pictures of genetic, flying, and showing pigeons in this CD. If your pigeons are about flying, gnetics or showing, this is the thing for u. If you want it for $100, e-mail me. The CD has only pictures and the videos, no writting or any articles. My phone number is 1-847-255-9244. I live in Arlimgton HTS (1 hour away from Chicago), Illinois. The CD can be shipped anywhere in the world. My screen name at AOL instant messenger is EX1201 and MSN messenger is [email protected] If u want to see pictures IM me at the messengers.

Thank you

[email protected]

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